In the last 10 years, the field of therapy has changed dramatically.  It has a long way to go.

Dave Gould and Andrew T. Austin will train you to breeze through stubborn or "deep-rooted" problems and gain real freedom to be who you want to be.

Here's some of what you will learn in Neuraliser II:

Andrew and I have been teaching applications of NLP for a combined 16 years and have 20 years practical experience with clients between us.

Keys to Success

"The map is not the territory"  is one of the two main underlying principles in NLP, from which every single on of the thousands of NLP patterns derive.

Years passed before it dawned on us that the main territory in changework is the client's neurology... We'd been so busy fussing about "belief systems", "motivation" and "emotions" which seemed real but aren't. The underlying structure of mind is our neurology!

Being a therapist is often like being a detective trying to solve a case with very few clues.  Like the detective, we have (or should have) multiple theories about the nature of the problem.  But such theories are inherently inaccurate and often wildly wrong.  No wonder few therapists guarantee their work!  But understanding how your clients' brains work helps you avoid getting lost in your own assumptions.

"Very useful seminar.  I've got an excellent overview about NLP Neuraliser techniques.  I have read a lot of books - by help of this seminar I am now able to put everything in the right context" - Nikola Schretter, Patent Attorney, Neuraliser I.

Why EFT?

The first few times we tried EFT it didn't work.  We tapped here, tapped there, but nothing happened.  And since we didn't expect anything to, and since we were getting good results using standard NLP techniques, we didn't pursue it.

But more and more people we respected were talking about EFT.  I decided to give it one more go, based on John La Tourette's recommendations on psychological reversals (or stoppers as we call them)... and suddenly got results! 

Along with other things I learnt from Andy in particular, my success rates started going up from 70% to 95%!

Advanced EFT

Having tested hundreds of NLP techniques with clients, I have found that Advanced EFT is by far the most useful changework technique.  Advanced EFT differs from normal EFT in that only 4 or 5 acupressure points are used.  You can even tap all 4 points simultaneously!

So if, like me, you've ever been bored or embarrassed asking your clients to repeatedly tap 14 points, realise there's a much more elegant option.

This means Advanced EFT is more fun to do - and you & your clients can make twice as many changes as you used to make in the same time.

Here is a comparison of Advanced EFT versus powerful NLP techniques which I have used and recommended for many years:

Advanced EFT
Timeline Therapy/Reimprinting
Works on 95% of clients' problems. Works on 70% of clients' problems Works on 70% of clients' problems
Completely eliminates negative emotions which creates emotional and intellectual freedom to choose 'best option available'. Completely eliminates negative emotions with moderate reprogramming that may not be best option available. Does not eliminate negative emotion, which can still be caused by alternative triggers.
Simplicity of the technique encourages clients to believe change is easy.  Almost 50% of clients report trying out technique for themselves. Not only reinforces having to 'go back into the past' to change the future, but if imprint experience cannot be found, then it cannot be reimprinted.  Resistance is often encountered. Even though you can devise new swish patterns to fit the way a particular client's mind works, resistance is often encountered.
Virtually no chance of abreaction Abreactions occur in ~10% of cases. Virtually no chance of abreaction
Extremely quick - most changes happen within 5 minutes. Very slow - proper reimprinting often takes over an hour. Reasonably quick - most changes happen within 10 minutes.


By examining the deep structure of our work we began to observe the underpinning neurological principals and our success rates began to soar. At the Neuraliser seminar, I will teach about the major points of EFT and how to tap them all at the same time. You will learn how to make EFT one of the most effortless and yet effective changework tools for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Some of the problems you can be free of using Advanced EFT

Just imagine being free of all these problems and more...  Bring your list of problems to the seminar!

Applied Neurology

As a neurological and neurosurgical nurse in a former life, Andrew's work has been heavily influenced by functional and applied neurology. Throughout the seminar you will learn the tips and tricks he uses in his therapy work and learn how to get the most out of your neurology. In short, you will learn how to build a better brain.

"Everything you ever wanted to know about changework but hadn't thought to ask...  The content was so valuable and inspiring that I feel privileged to have taken part." - Annette Terry, Hypnotherapist, Neuraliser I.

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Date: 29th-30th July, 2006
Venue: Central Bristol
Price: £295 (£248 for registrations before July).

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